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Softiz Technology Inc. Data Center
It is one of Turkey's leading data center operators. It offers high quality collocation and hosting services.

Tier III Design and Certification: Softiz Data Center is a Tier III certified facility by the Uptime Institute. This indicates that the data center is capable of delivering 24/7 uninterrupted operation and 99.982% availability.
Security: Softiz Data Center is equipped with high security measures such as 24/7 security cameras, biometric access control and advanced fire extinguishing systems.
Power and Cooling: Softiz Data Center has N+1 redundant power and cooling systems. This ensures that the data center is protected from power outages and overheating.
Connectivity: Softiz Data Center is connected to the global internet network via high-speed fiber optic connections.
Services of Softiz Data Center:

Colocation: Softiz Data Center allows customers to host their own servers in the secure and controlled environment of the data center.
Dedicated Hosting: Softiz Data Center offers specifically dedicated servers to customers.
Virtual Private Server (VPS): Softiz Data Center offers virtual server service.
Cloud Hosting: Softiz Data Center offers cloud hosting service.
Advantages of Softiz Data Center:

Reliability: Softiz Data Center offers high reliability and availability.
Security: Softiz Data Center is equipped with high security measures.
Flexibility: Softiz Data Center offers a variety of services that can be customized to customers' needs.
Affordable Price: Softiz Data Center offers competitive prices.
Customers of Softiz Data Center
Softiz Data Center's customers include SMEs, large organizations, public institutions and telecommunication operators.

Softiz Technology Inc. The company provides services in areas such as data center, hosting, cloud computing, software development and IT consultancy.