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Softiz Technology's Perspective
As Softiz Technology, we offer free com.tr to our annual hosting customers. Being one of Turkey's largest e-commerce platforms, we see it as both an opportunity and a challenge.


It has a large user base and brand awareness. This offers an ideal platform to deliver the innovative e-commerce solutions developed by Softiz Technology to large audiences.
The competitive environment it offers encourages Softiz Teknoloji to constantly innovate. This enables the company to develop better and more useful products.

<invalid URL removed> has many sellers and products available. This makes it difficult for Softiz Technology to highlight its products and attract users' attention.
Price competition is quite intense at <invalid URL removed>. This creates a challenging environment for Softiz Technology's profitability.
Softiz Technology's Solution:

Softiz Technology has developed the following solutions to maximize opportunities and overcome challenges in <invalid URL removed>:

Innovative e-commerce solutions: Softiz Technology offers solutions that make e-commerce platforms more efficient, effective and user-friendly by using technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing.
Strong marketing and sales strategies: Softiz Technology develops effective marketing and sales strategies to reach the target audience.
Competitive pricing: Softiz Technology offers prices that can compete with other vendors while maintaining profitability.

Softiz Technology sees it as an important platform to grow and develop in the Turkish e-commerce market. Softiz Technology is committed to maximizing opportunities and overcoming challenges with innovative e-commerce solutions, strong marketing and sales strategies and competitive pricing.


Some benefits offered by Softiz Technology:

Increased sales: Softiz Technology's e-commerce solutions help sellers sell more products.
Better customer experience: Softiz Technology's solutions enable customers to shop easier and faster.
Lower costs: Softiz Technology's solutions help sellers reduce their costs.
Softiz Technology is committed to establishing long-term collaborations with sellers and contributing to the development of the Turkish e-commerce market.

Additional Information
Softiz Technology was established in Izmir in 2007.
The company provides services in the fields of e-commerce, mobile application development and software consultancy.
Softiz Technology has more than 50 employees.
The company is one of Turkey's fastest growing software companies.
To learn more about Softiz Technology's solutions to <invalid URL removed>, please feel free to contact us.