What is a domain name

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A domain name is the name and address of a website on the internet. Without this address, an internet user can access the website only with the IP address. For example, "[invalid URL removed]" is a domain name.

Domain names:

It is unique: Each domain name can belong to a single website. Two different websites cannot use the same domain name.
It can have different extensions: There are different extensions such as: .com, .net, .org, .tr.
It can consist of letters, numbers, and the hyphen (-) sign: No spaces or special characters.
Functions of the domain name:

Provides easy access to the website.
Increases brand awareness of the website.
Can be used for email addresses.
How to get a domain name?

Domain names can be purchased from the Softiz Technology Data Center site via domain name. When purchasing a domain name, you need to follow these steps:

Choose a domain name.
Check the domain name you want to buy.
Enter your domain name information.
Make the payment.