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What is VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server)?
VDS, which means virtual dedicated server in Turkish, are virtual servers created by dividing a physical server by hardware. These virtual servers work completely independently of each other, and the resources allocated to them, such as processor and RAM, are used only by the person using that VDS.

Advantages of VDS:

Performance close to the physical server: VDS offers performance closest to the physical server compared to other virtual server solutions.
High isolation: Problems caused by other users will not affect your system.
Flexibility: The user can adjust resources such as processor and RAM according to his needs.
Cost-effectiveness: It is more cost-effective than physical servers.
Disadvantages of VDS:

It is more expensive than physical servers, but cheaper than shared servers.
It is not as flexible as physical servers.
Who is VDS suitable for?

VDS is suitable for applications and websites that require more resources and control, such as:

High-traffic websites: High-traffic websites such as e-commerce sites, news sites, and forums can benefit from VDS.
Resource-intensive applications: Resource-intensive applications such as data analysis, scientific computing, and game servers can benefit from VDS.
Users who need complete control: VDS offers users an experience similar to managing their own servers.